PFAS Forum Date Change: Now September 9-11

Taryn McKnight


Presentation Title

EPA, ASTM, ISO, and Modified Methods, Oh My! Navigating Analytical Options for PFAS

Taryn McKnight, Project Manager, Eurofins TestAmerica, Inc.


This presentation aims to provide clarity through a comparison of methods and a discussion about analytical parameters and their potential impact on data quality. An update on what is currently available in terms of published methods versus methods under development will be provided as well.


Taryn McKnight, Product Manager for Eurofins TestAmerica based in Sacramento, California, has nearly 20 years of experience in the environmental testing industry specializing in PFAS and Vapor Intrusion assessments. She is responsible for providing technical guidance to clients, agencies and industry personnel across the country. With 20 years invested in PFAS method development and analysis, Eurofins TestAmerica has demonstrated leadership in this field of testing, supporting an analytical approach that provides consistent and defensible data in a world that lacks standardization for PFAS methodologies.