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Paul Ruehl


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Encapsulation of PFAS from Landfill Leachate

Paul Ruehl, US Environmental Remediation Coordinator, LafargeHolcim (USA) Ltd.


LafargeHolcim has developed a method for encapsulating PFAS from landfill leachate, dramatically reducing the availability of PFAS to the environment (patent pending). The treated material may be particularly useful as daily cover.This constitutes 100% resource recovery.


Paul Ruehl- Environmental Remediation Coordinator for LafargeHolcim BS- Chemistry Alma College 1977 MS- Chemistry University of Detroit 1985 Paul has 42 years as an environmental professional, 38 years in the cement industry; and 30 years as an adjunct university chemistry professor. He has been involved with solidification/stabilization (S/S) of contaminated sites in the US for more than 37 years. He presently works for LafargeHolcim Cement with responsibility throughout North America for the management of S/S projects. Paul has been involved with remediating more than 500 sites using cement products.