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Nicholas Albergo, P.E.


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PFAS and its place in (or out) of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Nicholas Albergo, P.E., Senior Consultant, GHD Group


PFAS represents a group of emerging contaminants of concern, but are not currently designated as a Hazardous Substance under CERCLA.  As such, does the likely presence of such contaminants represent a Recognized Environmental Condition or a Business Environmental Risk, or neither?


Nick Albergo is a professional engineer that remains available to serve as an expert in complex litigation cases as well as a technical consultant to Government, industry and other consulting firms.  Nick wears many hats.  He is a founding Diplomate of the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers and a Fellow in the American Society of Civil Engineers.  He has spent decades working with industry stakeholders and governmental officials on hundreds of contamination assessment and remediation projects, responsible waste and pollution management, and the application of best management practices and technologies.  He is often called upon as an expert witness in litigation matters involving contaminant impact and cleanup.  He is certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a Circuit Mediator.  He is also on the engineering faculty at the University of South Florida, and serves as the ASTM Vice-Chair on Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action.  Nick has been a pioneer in his field, including holding patents in the area of bioremediation, authoring or co-authoring over 185 publications in the fields of environmental and chemical engineering, and editing several hundred state-of-the-art review articles and research papers on civil and chemical engineering practices, contaminant fate and transport, and remedial technology.  He served as one of the primary authors of the ASTM Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I and Phase II).  He also co-authored the statutes for the State of Florida’s Dry cleaning Solvent Cleanup Program and assisted the State with the development of the regulations and the training of the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) staff.  He also assisted the U.S. Governmental Accounting Standards Board in their development of the Standard Accounting and Financial Reporting for Pollution Remediation Obligations.