PFAS Forum Date Change: Now September 9-11

Jorge Caspary, P.G.


Presentation Title

Water Quality Governance: the PFAS Element. Implications and Paths Forward

Jorge Caspary, P.G., Principal, Cameron Cole


The pervasiveness of PFAS will affect how water quality and quantity governance is implemented in the future. The existing framework is inadequate to ensure water planners are aware of the extent of contaminated groundwater.  New interactions and processes are needed to ensure future adequate water supplies.


  • Twenty-five years of experience in technical and management decisions in the areas of environmental assessment and site cleanup, solid and hazardous waste management, RCRA/CERCLA program and policies, brownfields redevelopment, and contaminated property reuse strategies.

  • A Principal at Cameron-Cole and former Vice President of WSource Source Group. Currently involved in technical and State-level policy and legislative discussions regarding PFAS as well as providing expert assistance to plaintiffs in PFAS litigation, airports, ports, and law firms. Was involved in the development and implementation of new environmental policy, rules, and guidance as the former Director of the Division of Waste Management within the Florida Department of Environmental Protection; has consulted and provided strategic direction and technical support on complex closures of contaminated properties and has also engaged with other states and EPA regional and headquarters regulators. 

  • Registered Professional Geologist: Florida; B.S. Civil Engineering, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida; B.S. in Geology, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.