PFAS Forum Date Change: Now September 9-11

Dr. Tim Townsend


Presentation Title

Waste Management Challenges Posed by PFAS and Remediation Residuals

Dr. Tim Townsend, P.E., Jones Edmunds Professor of Environmental Engineering, University of Florida


This presentation will review the current findings about PFAS in landfills and the potential for

landfilling to be an appropriate disposal scenario for PFAS-containing materials. The

presentation will also review the current state of knowledge regarding PFAS remediation

(e.g., incineration, sorption), including waste management challenges for treatment



Dr. Timothy Townsend, a professor of environmental engineering at the University of Florida, has been conducting research on solid waste and landfills for more than two decades. He began collaborating with the University of Miami on a study of PFAS in Florida landfills in 2018 and is currently the P.I. for an EPA STAR grant, titled " A System-Based Approach to Understand the Role of Waste Type, Management Strategies and Treatment Methods on the Occurrence, Source, and Fate of PFAS in Landfills," a continued collaboration with the University of Miami.