PFAS Forum Date Change: Now September 9-11

Stephen Zemba


Presentation Title

PFAS Fate & Transport: Importance of Air Emissions/Deposition, Soil, and Surface Water

Dr. Stephen Zemba, P.E., Project Director, Sanborn Head & Associates


PFAS are unusual contaminants in many respects due to their unique properties.  They are one of a handful of contaminants for which emissions to air are capable of contaminating groundwater through atmospheric deposition.  This talk will focus on PFAS fate and transport, emphasizing the potential role of atmospheric deposition on terrestrial and aquatic contamination.  In some cases, site managers may need to consider atmospheric deposition to determine the extent of source zones in soil.


Steve Zemba is a Project Director with Sanborn Head & Associates in their Burlington, VT office.  Since receiving his doctorate from M.I.T. in Mechanical Engineering in 1989. he has consulted in the fields of health risk and air quality assessment. Steve also teaches courses on air pollution phenomenology and control at Tufts and U-Mass Lowell.