PFAS Forum Date Change: Now September 9-11

Dr. John L. Malanchuk


Presentation Title

Funding PFAS Remediation Using Historical Insurance

Dr. John L Malanchuk, Eisenstein Malanchuk LLP


Public entities as well as companies may be able to take advantage of their historical liability insurance policies to offset the costs of remediation.  This presentation describes the elements of insurance recovery and applies these concepts to PFAS remediation to lower remedial costs


John Malanchuk is a nonattorney partner in the law firm of Eisenstein Malanchuk LLP in Washington, DC and a Partner in EM Global Limited.  Dr. Malanchuk’s principal activities include the preparation of technical information to facilitate the resolution of complex insurance claims for  policyholders without litigation.  Prior to founding Eisenstein Malanchuk LLP, Dr. Malanchuk had 30+ years experience in academia, government and consulting.