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Fabio Fortes and Nick Barnes

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Putting PFAS Investigations into Practice Using Appropriate Conceptual Site Models

Fabio Fortes, Environmental Engineer and Nick Barnes, P.E., Environmental Engineer,  HSW Engineering, Inc.


Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been widely used in a variety of products by almost all types of industries. It is known that strong connections exist between PFAS sources and facilities such as airports, wastewater treatment plants, landfill facilities, and certain industries. How do we know if other facilities have a potential unknown source of PFAS or if the site has been impacted by external sources?  A detailed investigation approach is recommended to understand the local hydrogeologic characteristics, as well as inventory studies of surrounding properties to identify and understand potential historical or offsite sources. This presentation will summarize these points of concern during an investigation of potential PFAS sources that may contribute to environmental impacts at a target site, and development of a Conceptual Site Model for characterizing the occurrence and fate of PFAS in the environment.

Fabio Fortes


Fabio Fortes, Environmental Engineer, HSW Engineering, Inc.


Fabio Fortes is an Environmental Engineer with seven years of experience in site assessment and remediation of industrial and residential contaminated sites with skills in PFAS Assessment, Remediation System Design, Geographic Information System (GIS) and 3D Data Visualization. He is a registered Engineer Intern (EI) in the State of Florida and Professional Engineer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Fabio has a degree in Environmental Engineering from the Federal University of Itajuba, Brazil and Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of South Florida.  Fabio currently serves as a Project Engineer at HSW Engineering’s Tampa office. 

Nick Barnes


Nick Barnes, P.E., Environmental Engineer, HSW Engineering, Inc.


Nicholas Barnes has nearly 15 years of experience in the environmental engineering field, primarily focused on contamination assessment and remediation.  He has experience in the evaluation and selection of remedial action cleanup strategies for a range of contaminants, remedial system design, construction, operation and optimization, risk-based site closures and PFAS related projects. Nick is a project manager and Environmental Engineer with HSW Engineering in their Tampa, Florida office.