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Chad Northington, P.E.


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Colloidal Activated Carbon for In Situ Remediation of PFAS: A Review of Multiple Case Studies

Chad Northington, P.E., Southeast District Manager, REGENESIS


With the increasing awareness to the widespread contamination of PFASs coupled with their resistance to degradation, there is a need for new, low cost strategies to address these contaminants. The ability to implement an in situ barrier of activated carbon to amend the effective foc of an aquifer and increase the natural retardation factor for these contaminants is an appealing strategy to manage these plumes. This risk-based approach removes PFAS from the mobile phase and eliminates the route of exposure to downgradient receptors.  This presentation reviews data from multiple field sites where colloidal activated carbon has been utilized to remediate PFAS contamination.


Mr. Northington is a professional engineer with twenty years of experience in the environmental field in the areas of site investigation, remediation system engineering and construction, project management and technical assistance.  He received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in environmental engineering from Michigan Technological University.  Mr. Northington currently serves as the Southeast District Manager with Regenesis. In this capacity, he provides technical support for application of soil and groundwater remediation solutions. Mr. Northington works directly with environmental consulting, construction, and engineering firms to develop turnkey remedial approaches for in situ-applied strategies across a broad spectrum of technology classes.